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    Let us assist you with the software part, freeing up some of your time so you can focus on running your business.

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Micro Solutions offers a wide range of IT services. Our products and services fit within these areas:

Custom made software

Micro Solutions has a reputation as an experienced and respected business partner in software development world. Highly sophisticated solutions that meet everyone’s standards and the highest expectations is what we aim and strive for. We are capable of creating a whole system from the ground up or able to optimize the existing one. Adding new modules or new functions to the system that already exists is something that we perform quite often. We conduct thorough analysis in order to select the best possible way to deliver the best possible outcome.


Whenever you feel overloaded with work or feel you are stuck and have no resources to move forward do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. We will be glad to help! Software development is not your cup of tea? Why not consider outsourcing the work? We are eager to help with any project in any situation. We have provided on site assistance in the past. There is no project too large or too small for us. Outsourcing some of the work to us will save you time and the resources you cherish so you can expand even more, not mentioning the hassle of recruiting permanent staff.

Our products (Lims)

We have developed a module based software package called GeneUse – our flagship product. This highly customizable solution has it all! The great thing about it is that, you can add required modules as needed and without the need of purchasing the whole system from the beginning. This highly scalable platform evolves with the needs of the institution. The application itself is web based and can be easily accessible from anywhere on any compatible device at any given time. The system is a must have solution that supports, facilitates and accelerates the work of diagnostic and science laboratories, clinics and hospitals.

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We support basically every technology out there. Primarily we use C#, C++, ASP.NET, Visual Basic and Object Pascal (Visual Studio and Delphi respectively). We also have a broad experience with Java, C and Python.

You can also trust us with low level programming (various kinds of ASM, x86, PowerPC and others). We have multiple years of experience in database programming. Our favorite engines being: MS SQLServer, PostgreSQL and Oracle.


ISO 13485: Medical devices – Quality Management Systems

Quality is a must for a modern medical company. The vendors all over the world strive to improve the safety and performance of their medical products and services. To facilitate this, a quality management system based on the ISO 13485 norm and in the compliance with EU MDD 93/42/ECC directive can be applied to the company processes.

Being aware of the market demands we developed our ISO 13485 quality management system in 2016. In effect we achieved the ISO 13485:2012 certification from the well known TÜV Nord notified body in April 2017.

While creating Micro Solutions QMS we aimed to:

  • standardize the processes we use in the production,
  • reduce the error rate of the software we produce,
  • improve team communication,
  • increase quality-awareness of our staff,
  • align quality requirements with our processes in a way they will help us and will not hold us back.

We strongly believe we have accomplished these goals. We continually improve our system by quality management reviews and by taking part in the ISO training programs. Also, up to now we have had three ISO 13485:2016 internal auditors in our team. Our approach to QMS is strictly pragmatic: we have developed our own QSM software system to deal with any quality aspect electronically.

This all makes us even more reliable and useful to our customers, now as an ISO-certified partner.

IEC 62304: Medical device software - Software life-cycle processes

Gaining the skills in IEC 62304 standard is also critical for us. IEC 62304 outlines the standardization of the software development cycle for the medical IT vendors in the scope of quality.

Through the in-depth practical training we have learned how to prepare the URS, create the development plans, perform the software quality verification, validation and testing. We also know how to write the code to sustain the traceability in case of the customer complaint, in a way we can ensure compliance with EU MDD 93/42/ECC directive.

ISO 14971: Application of risk management to medical devices

Risk analysis and risk management is fundamental to the medical device safety. This also applies to the medical software, either embedded or stand-alone.

Through TÜV Nord certification and a training program we get the very good grasp of the IT risk evaluation, control and analysis.


Since GeneUse is a web based application, it allows for other computers to access the tools while on the same local network without the need to install the software on other machines.

GeneUse delivers secure, encrypted connection allowing for access from any compatible device connected to the internet. Simply access the chosen module remotely getting the information you need at any time.

It is also possible to integrate our individual tools that handle and run the lab with existing hospital systems - HIS class using data exchange protocol HL7.

Additionally, it is possible to connect a 2D/barcode scanner as well as other laboratory equipment (hematology analyzers, biochemical analyzers, urine analyzers, Sanger sequencers, NGS sequencers, microarrays, karyotyping and FISH software, microscopes, real-time PCR thermal cyclers, nanodrops and many others) to your GeneUse system, so all the data goes directly to your main database without the need of tedious duplication of the same information in different systems – data synchronization.

GeneUse is a set of complex tools that support almost every single medical and science activity. Thanks to a deeply thought out scheme you have access to various data with the possibility to run useful statistics that will make your workplace more effective to say the least.

Find out how much more efficient your company can really become thanks to our innovative IT and science solutions.

About Us

You are sharp, therefore Micro Solutions!

You are busy, so are we! You have no time to waste, so let us handle your software development needs. We are experts. We will show you how IT is done!

Tailor made software is what we do. We focus on creating high end software solutions for companies from all around the world. Although, we started as a Medical IT company due to a constant need for our services coming from different industries, we have become a company that serves all sectors of the modern economies. Whether you are a high tech equipment manufacturer or run a lab and need software to do the heavy work for you look no further and consider us to help you make your work environment more efficient, profitable and secure. Our aim is to help you succeed! Do you know why? Your success is our success. It is that simple!

If you can Dream IT, we can build IT!

As a devoted leader you are probably spending a lot of time creating and perfecting your flagship software to keep it in peak condition. Do not forget you still have a business to run, so your company could expand even more. Let us assist you with the software part, freeing up some of your time so you can focus on running your business.

We would be flattered if we were given an opportunity to show off our skills.
Our work is delivered at highest quality.

We make the impossible doable!

We work according to scrum methodology, but also use the best of other programming approaches.

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MetaSystems - Metafer AND PGViewer

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Bredar BUI

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NeoGenomics - APvX LIMS modules

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Karolinska Hospital Pipeline

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GenClinic FUM

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GenLab, GenInvoice GeneSys Laboratories

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Meta Systems GmbH

Metafer: software modules for the MetaSystems Finder Scanning Platform

Region defining module in cytogenetic specimens a.k.a. "Slide Regions" – intended for cloning research

MicroArray defining module – intended for cytogenetic microarray processing

Feature Selection optimization algorithm in cytogenetic specimen scanning process (publication)

Control interfaces for Nikon microscopes

Port and optimization of metaphase classification algorithms from C to Delphi

Designated symbolic expression language handler module

Data import and export module from internal formats to common TIFF, BMP, JPG formats and other proprietary formats

Database form editor

Script language to generate printouts with preview and export functions

XML global export functionality

Powerful and flexible Histograms and Pie Chart Diagrams

OS: MS Windows

Technologies: C++ Builder/Delphi 5/Delphi 2007/ Delphi XE2

Other projects


Image provider for the MetaSystems Client applications built upon TCP/IP server

OS: MS Windows

Technologies: Delphi 2007/ Delphi 2010/ Delphi XE2

CVViewer / PGViewer

Systems used to convert images from Mac OS / Windows NT / Unix CV format to common PC graphic formats

OS: Mac OS / MS Windows

Technologies: Think Pascal/Delphi 5/ Delphi 2007/ Delphi 2010 /Delphi XE2


Customized MS Paint-like application to support annotation and reporting of the cytogenetic images and analysis results

OS: MS Windows

Technologies: Delphi 2010 /Delphi XE2

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Bredar AG Switzerland

BUI - Software for management of the traffic enforcement devices and for the processing of speed and red light violations

OS: MS Windows

Technologies: MS Visual Studio – C# / XML / WebServices

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NeoGenomics Laboratories USA

APvX LIMS modules, Cytogenetics, NeoType, Flow, Molecular Batching, Next-Generation Sequencing, Online Orders, Histology, Morphology

OS: MS Windows

Technologies: MS Visual Studio - ASP.NET / C# / Visual Basic / JQuerry / MS SQL Server / RDL / XSD / XML / WebServices

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Karolinska Hospital Pipeline

Specialized software system for data porting from the legacy media like Optical Disks or Magneto-Optical Disks. The data have been stored for archiving in a legacy, proprietary format on the Unix systems.

OS: MS Windows / Linux

Technologies: Bash / MS Visual Studio – C# / Linux partitioning tools

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Fundacja Uniwersytetu Medycznego Wroclaw, Poland

Specialized software system for medical data storing including patient’s personal data and test results. As part of project we made online visits registration module.

OS: MS Windows

Technologies: MS Visual Studio – C# / WinForms / PostgreSQL / ASP.NET 3.5

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GeneSys Laboratories Wroclaw, Poland

Specialized software system for Genetic laboratory management including store test results, patient's visits and issue electronic invoices.

OS: MS Windows / Linux

Technologies: HTML / PHP/ PostgreSQL

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